Here's a show I did in LA for fellow weabs

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So let me break it down for you

  • October 2000: Pulled up to the function (birth)
  • March 2018: Became a top 64 Smash Ultimate player in Illinois' High School Devision (I'm bad at the game now)
  • August 2019: Moved to New York
  • July 2020: Someone sneezed, built ETL tools for a summer at Novus Partners
  • March 2021: Meme Page hit 20,000 followers
  • March 2022: Finished D1 NCAA Fencing Career at NYU
  • May 2022: Graduated from NYU, started building quantitative indices at MerQube
  • August 2022: Hit Level 40 in Pokemon Go
  • February 2023: Built market making trade support tools and data engines at Clear Street Markets
  • July 2023: Had my largest comedy show for around 1500 people
  • August 2023: Won third place with my alumni team at USADA Diabolo Nationals
  • December 2023: Started working at in ML Ops (Langchain is your friend)


Bottom Text (Penang, Malaysia)

Film Portfolio

Shot on a 1989 Canon EOS 650 -- Message me to shoot together sometime!


San Pedro de Atacama, Chile