My greater experiences and passions revolve around American policy and civics. When I'm not travelling with the NCAA Fencing team for events, I spend a lot of time oustide of academia studying quantitative finance. You can find my documented experiences and interests below!


Computer Science and Math-Finance work

At NYU's Tandon School of Engineering, I'm minoring in Game Engineering, Math, and Financial Risk Engineering. Take a look at some of my projects, coursework, and quantitative trading algorithms on github!

Desitrain22 on github


I do a lot of film photography in and out of metropolitan New York City, and would love to take YOUR portrait sometime. Find my content at my personal Instagram. Model featured is Lauren Nguyen (NYU '21)


Other Art work and Portfolio

Outside of FinTech, I'm involved in a lot of academic and interest groups in and out of campus. Feel free to take a peak below!

Meme Page

Why yes, I do run a meme page. Sitting at around 19,000 active members on Facebook and 18,800 on instagram, NYU Memes for Slightly Bankrupt Teens is a submission based platform to cultivate culture and comic relief here at NYU. Follow below to submit your content and help contribute to our occassional fundraisers and other campus events!

NYUMFSBT on Instagram